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Summer Moving Tips

The sun and heat certainly make it seem like fall is a long way off, but before long, kids will be back at school and the busiest moving season will be over. It's crunch time for many families who are using summer break to move. (more…)


Dublin High Schools Rank Top in the Nation

The 19-school Dublin School District consistently receives top honors from the State of Ohio making it one of the best districts in the state. To add to its impressive credentials, the district recently received word that its three high schools - Dublin Jerome, Coffman and Scioto - all ranked in the top 300 high schools nationally according to a Newsweek report. Click here for more info. READ MORE >

Does Your Lender WANT to say "Yes"?

As people go through the mortgage process today, I believe that they wonder if their lender has gone insane. Lenders ask for documentation repeatedly, constantly updating, asking for further clarification and explanation for everything. Income, credit, assets and appraisals are scrutinized at a level unseen in my 25+ years. It almost seems like they are trying to find reasons NOT to lend. (more…)