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Tips and Tricks when selling your home

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5 Steps to Deciding How Much to Offer – or Ask – for Your Home

One of the hardest, most important decisions homebuyers face is how much to offer for their home.  And the glut of information on the web about real estate only makes buyers even crazier than the decision itself does.  Supply, demand, foreclosure rates, mortgage rates – buyers think they need to run spreadsheets and do fancy math to make a smart offer. And THAT can be super intimidating. READ MORE >

Real Estate Statistics

Monthly statistics on home sales were just released.  While a lot of the real estate market is still lagging, Dublin is doing very well in comparison.  Click here for more info. (more…)


Invest In Your Yard to Improve Property Value

Whether your house is 5, 10 or even 50 years old, enhancing your landscape is one of the best ways to increase your property value. Prioritizing your projects based on use and even hiring professionals to help you plan are two ways you can develop a fabulous yard that fits in your budget. Click here to see the article from HouseLogic for more tips.